Red Dragon Inn 4

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    The Red Dragon Inn 4 Introduces Four New Adventurers, The Officers Of The Crimson Drake. The Red Dragon Inn 4 Also Includes The Sea Event Dec, A New Deck That Gives You The Option To Play The Red Dragon Inn At Sea! The Red Dragon Inn 4 May Be Played Alone Or Combined With Other Versions Of The Red Dragon Inn To Allow Games With More Than 4 Players! Components: 4 40 Card Character Decks (Captain Whitehawk, First Mate Remy, Bryn The Boatswain, Tara The Navigator). 1 30 Card Drink Deck, 1 20 Card Sea Events Deck, 12 Remys Mark Tokens, 7 Sea Event Tokens, 50 Gold Coin Tokens, 4 Player Mats, 4 Alcohol Content Markers, 4 Fortitude Markers, Rules

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